Welcome to your November 02 - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

Choose the correct pair(s)1. Astra          Surface to air
2. Trishul       Air to air
3. Nag           Anti Tank
Consider the following statements on Nipah and choose the incorrect statement (s)1. Nipah Virus is a DNA Virus
2. It is a zoonotic disease hence no human to human transmission occurs.
3. An infected person could never be asymptomatic.
Consider the following statements.1. In Low Earth Orbit, satellite's orbital period is much less than earth's rotational period whereas it is equal to earth's rotational period in Geosynchronous Orbits.
2. A circular orbital path is followed in Geosynchronous Orbit whereas it is inclined circle or an ellipse in Geostationary Orbit.

Choose the correct statement (s).
Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to vitamin deficiency disorders.1. Vitamin A - Keratomalacia
2. Vitamin C - Scurvy
3. Vitamin D - Beri Beri
4. Vitamin K - Hemolytic Anemia
Also known as Polymyxin E, which among the following banned drug is an antibiotic medication also used as a supplement in aqua culture and animal husbandry?

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