Welcome to your May 14 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

Choose the correct statement (s).1. Coral polyps forms a commensal relation with photosynthetic algae.
2. Commensalism leads to the benefit of both interacting species.
3. Unlike commensalism, amensalism results in benefit of only one interacting species.
Destruction of shola grasslands are of a great concern. Choose the correct ecological significance(s) of sholas.1. Acts as a buffer zone between land and sea.
2. Shield against cyclones.
3. High timber and fuel value.
Which among the following international treaty aims at conserving nature by addressing issues on Living Modified Organisms?1. Cartagena Protocol
2. Nagoya Protocol
3. Stockholm Convention
With respect to Ozone Hole, choose the correct statement(s).1. Ozone depletion is exclusive for North Pole owing to its warmer temperature.
2. Polar vortex is directly related to ozone depletion as polar stratospheric clouds provide surface for ozone depleting substances.
Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to Ramsar Wetland Sites in India.1. Sundarbans - West Bengal
2. Sambhar Lake - Rajasthan
3. Keoladeo National Park - Gujarat

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