Welcome to your May 11 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Consider the following statements about major events in 1930-1940.1. Poona Pact gave away the Hindu joint electorate and reserved special electorates to the depressed class.
2. C. Rajagopalachari became the first governor general of the dominion of India.
3. Abolition of diarchy and autonomy for provinces.

Choose the correct statement(s).
Who gave the slogan 'Do or die' during All India Congress Committee in Bombay which ratified the Quit India resolution?
Panipat has witnessed several battles. Which among the following is/are the direct outcome of Battle of Panipat?1. Beginning of Mughal empire and end of Delhi Sultanate.
2. Continuation of Mughal rule.
3. End of Maratha ambitions to rule over India.
Choose the correct statement(s).1. Robert Clive introduced dual system of government in Bengal following Battle of Buxar.
2. The Nawab collected revenues where as the police and judicial functions came under the Company.
Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to peasant movements in India.1. Moplah Uprisings - Hyderabad
2. Faraizi Revolt - Eastern Bengal
3. Narkelberia Uprisings - West Bengal

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