Welcome to your May 1 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

Sometimes you may come across a free floating perennial hydrophyte with broad, glossy, ovate leaves and conspicous lavender to pink colored flowers in your nearby lakes and rivers. Considered to be a native to Amazon basin these are invasive species in India.Identify the said species.
A Gene Sanctuary is1. Ex-situ conservation of plant genetic resources.
2. Cheap method of germplasm conservation.
3. Way to preserve both the wild species and natural ecosystem.
Consider the following Acts.1. Biological Diversity Act, 2002
2. The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991
3. The Water Cess Act, 1977

Which among the above laws are dealt by National Green Tribunal.
Phytoplanktons -> Zooplanktons -> Sardine -> SharkIn the above food chain, zooplanktons are
Recently, it was discovered that Loktak Hydroelectric Project is resulting in the destruction of phumdis in Loktak Lake. Loktak Lake is located in

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