Welcome to your March 9 - INDIA AFTER INDEPENDENCE

Choose the correct statement(s).1. The political and economic structure of India is largely derived from colonial rule but her values and ideas are distinctively derived from national movements.
2. The Public Safety Bill and Trade Disputes Bill were opposed equivocally by both political leaders and Indian capitalists.
The post independent India believed in the theory 'developing countries cannot afford to waste precious resources in rivalries' and hence India was not a part of1. Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO)
2. Baghdad Treaty
3. Non - Alignment Movement
Which among the following issues led to decline of Nizam of Hyderabad and its integration with Indian Union?1. Rapid growth of Ittihad Ul-Muslimin
2. Powerful Satyagraha by Hyderabad State Congress for democratization.
3. Peasent uprisings and attack on landlords.
1. Panchsheel Agreement 2. Building of Bokaro and Bhilai Steel Plants 3. License to manufacture Rafale jets.Which among the above were part of India-USSR relations?
The Bombay Plan of 1944 is associated with

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