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The Crimean Crisis has led to the suspension of which among the following country from the Group of Eight(G8) Nations?
The term Bodoland is frequently mentioned in national medias.The 3rd Bodo Peace Accord is an agreement signed between the Centre, National Democratic Front of Bodoland and which among the following state governments?
Recently UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force. Consider the following international treaties1. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
2. Non-Proliferation Treaty
3. Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

India is a part of
Consider the following statements with respect to Polar vortex.1. Polar Vortex can be directly associated with ozone depletion as it provide surface for ozone depleting substances to reach stratosphere.
2. A weaker Polar Vortex fence mid latitudes from cold outbursts by bottling up all cold air at poles.

Choose the correct statement (s).
The longest running English magazine in the country Prabudha Bharata journal is associated with

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