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Constitutional backup for NGO's in India is provided by provisions of1. Article 19
2. Article 43
3. Concurrent List
Which among the following ASEAN member is currently a non permanent member of UN Security Council?
Consider the following scientific establishments of India.1. Himadri Research Base
2. Gruvebadet Atmospheric Laboratory
3. Bharati Research Centre
Which among the above ventures is/are part of India's cooperation with nations of Artic region ?
Recently FSSAI has put cap on trans fats in foods. Consider the following statements on trans fats and choose the correct statement (s).1. Trans fats are saturated fatty acids.
2. Trans fats can come either from ruminents or by hydrogenation of vegetable oil.
3. Trans fats are healthier when compared to unsaturated fatty acids as they increase LDL cholesterol levels.
These caves are located in the capital of early Chalukyan Dynasty. Known for paintings dedicated to lord Shiva these caves have the earliest Brahminical paintings known so far.The above passage refers to

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