Welcome to your March 4 - POLITY & CONSTITUTION

With reference to the powers of Prime Minister of India which among the following statement is incorrect?
Consider the following statements with respect to parliament and choose the correct statement (s).1. Unlike members of Lok Sabha who are directly elected, members of Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected.
2. By the Union Territories Act, 1965 the members of Lok Sabha from union territories are also chosen by indirect election
3. The President has the power to nominate members to Lok Sabha.
Which of the following features of Indian Constitution is/are borrowed from Government of India Act of 1935?1. Rule of Law
   2. Fundamental Rights
   3. Concurrent List
   4. Judicial Review
Which among the following condition should be satisfied by a political party to be recognised as a national party?
Which of the South Indian languages is/are conferred with classical language status?1. Tamil
2. Malayalam
3. Kannada
4. Telugu

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