Welcome to your March 3 - ENIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

You are having a visit to Kaziranga National Park. You may come across which among the following fauna during your visit?1. Wild Asiatic Water Buffalo
2. Indian Auroch
3. Bengal Tiger
4. Chinese Pangolin
Which among the regions have more than 1500 species with high degree of endemism and has lost more than 70% of its original habitat?1. The Himalayas
  2. Indo-Burma Region
  3. Sundaland
Consider the following wetlands.1. Vembanad - Kol
2. Asan Barrage
3. Kolleru Lake.

Which among the above are recognised as Ramsar Sites?
A tough crackdown on ivory tusk trading all over the world could result in the conservation of1. Hippopotamus
2. Walrus
3. Narwal
4. Rhinoceros
Known for causing visceral gout and neck drooping in vultutes which among the following is a banned NSAID used in veterinary?

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