March 29 – GEOGRAPHY

Welcome to your March 29 - GEOGRAPHY

Which among the the following is/are the requirements for coffee cultivation in India ?1. Labour intensive
2. Well drained clayey soil
3. Direct sunlight
Choose the correct statement(s).1. Deccan plateau is an earthquake prone zone because of its hard rock crust.
2. Seismic waves travel faster in hard rocks which helps the tremor to dissipate faster.
Horseshoe-shaped tectonically active Ring Of Fire is associated with
You are tasked to take a survey on endemic species in Aravalli Ranges. You will be visiting which among the following states for this purpose?1. Rajasthan
2. Gujarat
3. Madhya Pradesh
4. Haryana
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Cyclone is a region of high atmosphere pressure surrounded by low atmospheric pressure.
2. Cyclone tends to weaken as soon as source of warm moist air is cut off.
3. Cyclone weakens as it hits land or when it moves to a higher altitude.

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