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Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha.1. Leader of Opposition should be a member of the house.
2. He should be recognised by the President of India.
3. He should be leader of the largest party that has not less than one-tenth of the total strength of house.
Choose the correct statement (s).1. A party which wins at least two percent seats in the house of the people and if all these members elected from one state is eligible to be a National Political Party.
2. A party who can secure at least three percent of total number of seats in legislative assembly of state is eligible to be recognised as a state political party.
Koshiyari Committee is associated with.
Democratic Republic of Congo was of international attention for the past few decades due to its endemicity to Ebola. Congo is located in
Recently government announced a project to built fish pass in Farakka Barrage for the passage of anadromous fishes. Farakka Barrage is built across.

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