Welcome to your March 25 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Choose the correct chronology of following events.1. Jallianwala Bagh tragedy.
  2. Champaran Campaign in Bihar
  3. Outbreak of World War I
Consider the following statements.1. Decline in foreign imports and increase in government purchases.
2. Decline in export of raw materials resulting in reduced price of raw materials.
3. Rise in Wages.
4. Broad agreement policy of fiscal autonomy for india.

Which among the above was/were direct impact(s) of first world war in India?
The revolt of 1857 could be attributed to which among the following causes?1. Dalhousie's annexations and  perfection of Doctrine of Lapse.
2. The absentee sovereigntyship of British rule.
3. Deprival of power and positions to the Indian aristocracy.
'Swadheshi' and ' Boycott' were adapted as form of struggle for the first time during
The events and facts are associated with.1. Establishment of Home Rule League Movement.
2. Establishment of Banaras Hindu University.
3. First woman President of Indian National Congress.

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