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The Chauri Chaura incident is associated with which among the following pre-independence movement?
Census of India provides credible information on1. Literacy and Education
2. Fertility and Mortality
3. Demography
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The President  of India can grant pardon in all cases even if the sentence given is death sentence but pardoning power of The Governor does not extend to death sentence.
2. Both The President of India and The Governor have the power to pardon where the sentence is by a court martial.
Consider the following statements with respect to furnace oil.1. The flash point of furnace oil is lower than kerosene.
2. It is more polluting and expensive than natural gas.
3. It is the densest fraction obtained during petroleum distillation.
Originating near the Rohtang Pass on the southern end of Pir Panjal range, this river meets the river Satluj at Harike in Punjab. This river is known to mark the Eastern most border of Alexander the Greats invasion.

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