Welcome to your March 23 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

Galathea Bay was of media attention recently. Galathea Bay is located in.
With respect to biodiversity in India, the species given below belongs to which class?1. Euphlyctis hexadactylus
  2. Duttaphrynus microtympanus
  3. Nasybatrachus sahyadrensis
It is the state animal of a North Indian State. Bishkek declaration is related to the protection of this species and its habitat. Adapted to living in cold mountainous conditions, this mammal has a Vulnerable status in IUCN Red list.
Recently there is a growing awareness in India about the importance of Trillium Govanianum( Himalayan Trillicum) because it is found to be the source of.
Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to IUCN Red List.1. Gharial - Critically Endangered
2. Himalayan Quail - Extinct
3. Malabar Civet - Least Concern

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