Welcome to your March 2 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Identify the reasons for the failure of the 1857 Revolt:1. No central leadership.
2. Lack of Hindu-Muslim unity.
3. Lack of understanding of colonial rule.
Which of the following fit(s) the description with respect to Extremists?1. They had faith in the capacity of the masses.
2. Their social base consisted of only the poor and tribals.
3. They were against the use of extra-constitutional methods like boycott and passive resistance.
Consider the following events.1. Annexation of Burma 
2. Railway Minute 
3. Ganges Canal declared open 

Which of the above happened during the tenure of Lord Dalhousie?
Which of the following was not primarily a caste movement?
Select the correct pair(s)1. Swadeshamitran - G S Aiyar
2. Kudi Arasu - K Kelappan
3. Talvar - Ajit Singh

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