Welcome to your March 15 - SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Which among the following is/are nuclear capable ballistic missiles inducted into India's arsenal?1. Brahmos
2. Agni five
3. Dhanush
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The NavIC system can provide position information around the globe.
2. All the seven satellites of NavIC system is located in geostationary orbits.
It is an allotrope of carbon and is only one atom thick. It is a zero gap semiconductor and is often used as a dispersion in polymer matrix.The above passage refers to
Which among the following is a capacity building programme on Nano satelite development launched by ISRO and National Space Agency?
Pentavalent vaccine administered to newborns under National Immunization Schedule is aimed at prevention and eradication of which among the following disease(s)?1. Rubella
2. Pertussis
3. Tetanus
4. Hepatitis B
5. Measles

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