Welcome to your March 12 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Consider the following statements about Kuka Movement.1. The leader of the movement was Dayaram, a talukdar.
2. It was exclusively focused on religious revivalism.
3. Its basic tenets included abolition of caste.

Choose the correct statements
Select the correct pair(s)Dev Samaj - Shiv Narayan Agnihotri
Dharma Sabha - Radhakant Deb
Radhaswami Movement - Shiv Dayal Saheb
Which of the following statements are correct?1. Dominion Status was given as a long term objective in the August Offer.
2. The Hindu Mahasabha boycotted the Quit India Movement.
3. Freedom Army or Mukti Sena was formed by Madan Mohan Malviya following the Quit India Resolution.
Identify the committee assigned to examine the nature of relations between princely states and the government.
Lord Curzon is associated with1. Calcutta Corporation Act
2. Controversy with Kitchener
3. Transfer of Capital from Calcutta to Delhi

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