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Consider the following statements with respect to Indus valley civilization and choose the correct statement (s).1. Indus valley pottery chiefly consisted of polychromatic, fine handmade wares
2. Unlike Mesopotamians, Harappans domesticated elephant.
3. The religion of Harappa wholly included male deity -  yogi and they never worshipped nature.
1. Deshawatara Temple, Deogarh 2. Dhamekh Stupa 3. Padmapani Painting, AjantaThey belong to
'Theravadas' is associated with
Consider the following pairs with respect to coinage in India.1. Panas - Mauryan
2. Rupak - Gupta
3. Dinara - Tughlaq

Choose the correct pair (s).
Consider the following statements with respect to Post Mauryan Period.1. The Shungas, Kanvas and Guptas established their control over vast Mauryan empire in southern and western India following Mauryan era.
2. There was great progress in the field of Science and Technology.

Choose the correct statement (s).

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