Welcome to your June 14 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

Invasive species are dangerous because
Noctiluca Scintillans is associated with
With respect to bioplastic, choose the correct statement (s).1. It is a plastic made from biomass like corn, sugarcane or cellulose.
2. There is nil or zero negative environmental impact due to biodegradation of bioplastics in water bodies.
Choose the correct chronological order in which you will encounter the following tiger reserves if you are travelling from South to North of India.1. Periyar Tiger Reserve
2. Sahyadri Tiger Reserve
3. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
4. Nagarhole Tiger Reserve
Choose the correct pair (s).1. Mercury - Small scale gold mining
2. Lead - Vehicular emissions
3. Silica - Sand blasting
4. Nitrates - Pesticide runoff

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