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Choose the correct statement (s).1. La Nina condition enhances rainfall associated with southwest monsoon in contrast to its negative impact on northeast monsoon.
2. La Nina results in an average decrease of two to three degree celsius in sea surface temperature.
Which among the following protected areas are raised to the status of biosphere reserve by MAB program?1. Panna Tiger Reserve
2. Gulf of Mannar
3. Sunderbans
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to ESMA Act1. The execution of the act rests entirely on the discretion of state governments even though this freedom is accorded by central law.
2. Police have the right to arrest anybody without a warrant on violating ESMA Act provisions.
Located in Caucasus region of Eurasia, it was a former Soviet republic nation. It is bounded by Caspian Sea to east, Russia to north, Turkey to west and Iran to south. Recently this country declared war on Armenia over conflicted Nagorno-Karabakh province. The above passage refers to which among the following nation?
Which among the following conditions could result in disqualification of a member of house?1. If an independent candidate join a political party after election.
2. If a nominated member joins a party six months after becoming a member of legislature.
3. Giving up the membership of his/her  political party voluntarily.

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