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Britain exiting EU has been in world wide news recently. Consider the following statements with respect to BREXIT and choose the correct statement (s).1. Britain's exit reduced political clout of EU in world affairs due to loss of a permanent member of UNSC.
2. Reduction in Pound value following BREXIT makes Britain a good travel destination.
3. By article 50 of Lisbon Treaty UK will continue to use Euro as its official currency for at least two more years.
In view of rising Chinese competition in Sub Saharan Africa along with a bid to expand its economic reach in the region India launched TEAM-9 initiative. Which among the African Nations were part of TEAM-9 initiative along with India?1. Nigeria
2. Niger
3. Chad
4. Senegal
India is a part of which among the following Asian Regional Organisations?1. SAARC
3. SCO
4. ECO
Recently Israeli Prime Minister has said "Sky is the Limit'that can be achieved by the two sides" about India-Israel relations. Which among the following could be considered as constraints to bilateral ties of India with Israel?1. Israel's agressive military actions against weaker adversaries and subsequent civilian casualties
2. India's over reliance on Arab countries and Iran for energy security.
3. Lack of bi-partisan support in India due to unresolved Palestine dispute.

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