Welcome to your January 6 - POLITY & CONSTITUTION

It was the first reform introduced by the British Government aimed with an objective of gradual introduction of a responsible Government in India and the reform was
Which among the following could be considered as feature(s) of a federal government?1. Bicameralism
2. Division of power
3. Supremacy of constitution
Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to Constitution of India.Source.                    Features
1. US Constitution    -   Fundamental Rights
2. Weimar Constitution  -  Concurrent list
     of Germany
3. Soviet Constitution -  Ideas of Liberty
4. South African     -     Procedure for amendment
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Unlike the constitution of USA territorial integrity or continued existence of any state is not guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.
2. Laws made for establishing a new state in India is considered as an amendment of constitution, hence a special majority is required.
Consider the following situations and choose the correct situation(s) in which a citizen of India may loss his citizenship.1. Minor child of a citizen who has renounced his citizenship.
2. Citizen who has been ordinarily a resident outside of India for five years continuously.
3. Acquiring citizenship of an another country.

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