Welcome to your January 25 - ECONOMY; AGRICULTURE

Moist humid climate with temperature above 25°c and rainfall more than 200cm is required for its growth. It is an equatorial crop growing well in well drained alluvial soil. The passage refers to
Choose the correct statement (s).. NITI Aayog has power to impose policies on state similar to the mandate provided by planning commission of India.
2. Unlike planning commission NITI Aayog cannot allocate funds to state governments or central ministries.
The Targeted Public Distribution System(TDPS) launched in 1997, under Government of India primarily aimed at
Which among the following index provides a view on inequality based on parameters, namely1. Growth and development
2. Inclusion
3. Intergenerational equity
The decline in Millet production in India could be attributed to.1. Longer cultivation cycles along with cost intensive cultivation practices.
2. Incentives via MSPs favouring staple grains.
3. Shifting of focus to high yielding rice and wheat varieties following green revolution.
4. Photosensitivity and high carbon footprint.

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