Welcome to your January 22 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Consider the following ecosystems.1. Mangrove forest
2. Grassland
3. Estuary

Which among the above ecosystem(s) could be classified as an Ecotone?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. The primary source of energy in a grazing food chain is living plant biomass compared to dead organic matter in detritus food chain.
2. Ecological pyramid of numbers could never be inverted whereas ecological pyramid of energy is inverted in an aquatic ecosystem.
Sedimentary cycle consists of1. Phosphorus Cycle
2. Carbon Cycle
3. Nitrogen Cycle
4. Sulphur Cycle
Montreux Record is the principal tool under which among the following international convention for environmental protection?
Gadgil Report and Kasturirangan Report were seen through out the national media's a few years back. These reports were on

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