Welcome to your January 2 - ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL INDIA

Choose the correct statement (s).1. Swat Valley provided passage for the campaign by Alexander the Great on Indian Subcontinent.
2. Decisive Battle of Tarain and kurushektra took place in Indo Gangetic plain.
Battle of Plassey led to the downfall of which among the following Nawab of Bengal?
Which of the following are characteristics of the administration by Delhi Sultanate?1.  All sons of sultan had equal claim to the throne.
2. The ultimate authority of military activities rested with the Wazir.
3. Liberal taxation measures were imposed on farmlands.
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to The Vedic Culture.1. The Rig Vedic society was matriarchal with grahams' headed by women.
2. Child marriage and sati were prevalent in Rig Vedic society  unlike later Vedic ages.
3. Early Vedic period was marked by worship of natural forces with no or little idol worship.
Which among the following does/do not form part of Sufi Philosophy?1. Polytheism
2. Equality and brotherhood
3. Rejection of rituals and caste system

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