Welcome to your January 16 - POLITY; SOCIAL ISSUES

Choose the correct statement (s).1. Asymmetric federalism is practiced in India.
2. Sixth schedule provides greater autonomy when compared to fifth schedule of Indian constitution.
3. Administrative control of scheduled area in Assam and Mizoram is dealt under fifth schedule.
Consider the following vetoes.1. Absolute Veto
2. Suspensive Veto
3. Pocket veto

Which of the above is /are exercised by The President of India?
Choose the correct statement with respect to Parliamentary Committees in India.1. Standing committee is permanent whereas an Ad Hoc commitee cease to exist on completion of the task assigned to them.
2. Ad Hoc Committee works under the direction of speaker/chairman of house whereas standing committees work under the discretion of president.
The recent amendment on enhancing the upper gestation limit to 24 week in case of pregnancy is applicable in.1. Substantial foetal abnormalities
2. Differently abled women
3. Minors
4. Rape victims
According to which among the following acts, a child is described to be someone with age less than 18?

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