Welcome to your February 8 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Consider the following reforms.

1. Introduction of Indian Universities Act.
2. Restriction of land transfer from agriculturists to non agriculturists.
3. Repairing of historical buildings and preservation of heritage.

Which among the above reforms was/were introduced under Lord Curzon?

Choose the correct statement (s)1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy and William Bentinck shared similar view on social problems like sati and female infanticide by Rajputs.
2. William Bentinck was the first British governor general to ban practice of sati.
Consider the following statements with respect to revolt of 1857.1. The mainly feudal character with a little nationalistic element of the revolt led to the failure of the revolt.
2. Transfer of Indian administration from East India Company to British crown was an immediate effect of the revolt.
3. Hindu Muslim difference laid dormant and the revolt was characterized by unity between the two.
Which among the following movement resulted in the rift between moderates and extremists in Indian National Congress?
Produced by Dada Sahib Phalke which among the following was the first feature film of India?

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