February 25 – AGRICULTURE

Welcome to your February 25 - AGRICULTURE

Protest against new farm laws has gained national attention recently. Which among the following reasons are correct with respect to need for new farm laws?1. Skewed MSP dominated system of rice and wheat has lead to overproduction of rice and wheat.
2. Reduction in horticulture farming.
3. Economically unsustainable procurement of rice.
4. Market driven system in milk and poultry sector.
Consider the following statements with respect to rice cultivation in India.1. Intensive irrigation techniques are employed in clayey soil of coastal plains of South India due to its reduced water holding capacity.
2. Rice can be grown throughout the year in humid deltaic regions of central and north India.

Choose the correct statement (s).
It is chiefly a tropical and subtropical crop mainly grown in regur lava soil. This crop requires high amount of rainfall in beginning, sunny and dry weather at flowering and a minimum two hundred and ten days of frost free days.The above passage refers to the conditions for the cultivation of
Choose the correct statement (s).1. State government has the power to impose stock limit by declaring a product as essential commodity.
2. Onion and potato are no more a essential commodity by the latest amendment of ECA.
3. Latest reforms of ECA can directly attract foreign investment in agricultural sector.
Consider the following statements1. It is grown in leeward side of western ghats.
2. They are cultivated along with coconut trees in the same piece of land.
3. It can grow and fruit under poor soil conditions.
4. An  average temperature of 25°c is optimum for its growth.

The above features are favourable for the cultivation of which among the following crops.

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