February 22 – GEOGRAPHY

Welcome to your February 22 - GEOGRAPHY

Which of the following statements are correct?1. The rotation of earth on its axis from east to west causes day and night, whereas revolution around sun causes seasons.
2. The perpendicular nature of earth's axis towards its orbital plane causes varying days and nights at different times of year.
Which among the following is a type of mountain is formed due to faulting of earth's crust due to compressional forces?
Which among the factors significantly effects Indian Monsoon?1. Shift of positions of  Intertropical Convergence Zone.
     2. Intense heating of Tibetan Plateau.
     3. African Easterly Jet.
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Steppe - USA
2. Pampas - Argentina
3. Veld - South Africa
Consider the following features.1. Deciduous trees with durable hardwood.
2. Areas with thorny scrubland or savanna.
3. Thick furred small mammals.
4. Short, sideways growing roots.

Which among the above features could you observe if you travel to tropical monsoon forest?

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