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Recently, Anthrax disease has caused the death of two elephants in Assam. Anthrax is caused by.
Choose the correct statemen(s) with respect to Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India.1. A PIL could be filed against state/central government, local governing bodies and any private party.
2. A PIL petition could be only filed in the supreme court.
3. Only an Indian citizen residing in India can a file PIL.
The Attorney General of India exercise which among following power(s) and right(s)1. Right of audience in all courts in India.
2. Right to participate in parliamentary proceedings.
3. Appear against government in Supreme Court.
Which among the following is the excecutive capital of Andhra Pradesh?
Recently various multinational companies were accused on using forced labour by Uighur community. Uighurs are ethnic minorities native to

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