Welcome to your February 11 - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

Choose the correct statement (s).1. Eukaryotic cells lack most basic cell organelles including nuclei.
2. Bacterial cells have their genetic material sequestered inside the nucleus.
3. All plant cells are prokaryotic.
Consider the following pair of elements.1. Carbon-12, Carbon-14
2. Tellurium, Indium
3. Deuterium, Tritium

Which among the above pair(s) is/are isotopes?
Clarion-Clipperton Zone also known as Clipperton Fracture Zone was of international attention lately. This zone is located in
Which of the following are the advantages of GM crops?1. Tolerance to drought and salinity.

2. Increased yield.

3. Ensuring food security.
Which of the following statements are correct?1. India launched its first scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 2007 named 'Dakshin Gangotri'.

2. A centre has been established as a part of Indian government’s initiative to study and quantify the Himalayan glacier responses towards climate change named 'Himadri'.

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