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It is the gap between government expenditure requirement and it's receipts. It is a key value in judging the financial health of public sector. It is calculated by subtracting the sum of Revenue Deficit and Non Debt Creating Capital Receipts from total expenditureThe above passsage refers to
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to World Trade Organization.1. Bali Package of WTO introduced Special Safeguard Mechanism for agricultural products for developing countries.
2. SSM allows countries to charge additional duties in case of entry of abnormally cheap imports.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to Indian Ocean choke points.1. Strait of Hormuz -  Malay Peninsula-Sumatra Island
2. Strait of Malacca - Persian Gulf-Gulf of Oman
3. Bab el-Mandab - Gulf of Aden-Caspian Sea
Consider the following rivers.1. Godavari
2. Brahamaputra
3. Mahanadi
Which among the above river(s) originates from the third pole?
Consider the following statements with respect to Ammonia.1. Ammonia is naturally present in body and is excreted by kidney to neutralise excess acid.
2. It is a prominent constituent in carbon cycle.
3. Increasing crude protein diet in animal husbandry can result in reduction of ammonia emission.

Choose the correct statement (s).

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