Welcome to your February 1 - INDIAN ECONOMY

Consider the following statements about Expansionary Policy:1. Stimulates an economy by boosting demand through monetary and fiscal stimulus.
2. It injects money into economy.
3. Government drastically reduces deficit spending.
Consider the following statements about Minimum Support Price system1. The Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices (CACP) recommends MSPs.
2. MSPs are exclusive for Kharif crops.
Choose the correct pairs (PPP Models)1. HAM - HAM combines 40% EPC and 60% BOT-Annuity.
2. LDO - Either the government or the public sector entity retains ownership of the newly created infrastructure facility and receives payments in terms of a lease agreement with the private promoter.
3. BOT - Private partner is responsible to design, build, operate  and transfer back the facility to the public sector.
Which of the following statements are correct regarding Currency Manipulation:1. It gives an unfair competitive advantage in international trade.
2. The currency value against dollar falls naturally due to recession in the home country.
3. It instigates trade wars.
Identify the core causes of Inflation1. Increase in disposable income.
2. Decrease in money supply.
3. Increase in population.
4. Decrease in Exports.

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