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It is a landlocked country, located in Southern Africa. Also known as Swaziland, it is bordered by Mozambique to its northeast and South Africa to its north, west and southern border. ICCR scholarships for UG/PG/Doctoral studies are extended to these nationalists annually.The above passage refers to which among the following nations.
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Right to protest is a fundamental right granted under Article 18 of Indian Constitution.
2. Currently freedom of press could be limited by application of Official Secrets Act and Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act.
3. Article 19 would be automatically suspended during national emergency declared due to external aggression.
Named after king Narasimhavarman first Mahabalipuram was considered to be the second capital of which among the following southern dynasty?
Great Conjunction is associated with.
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Tropical Montane Forests (Shola).1. Shola is considered as a climatic climax vegetation.
2. Invasive species like Lantana camara poses major threat on native eucalypt and acacia species.
3. Periodic fires will help in maintaining the shola grasslands but excessive burning will cause shrinkage of forest patches.

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