December 18 – INDIAN ECONOMY

Welcome to your December 18 - INDIAN ECONOMY

Which among the following methods could be adopted for the judicial use of nitrogen based fertilizers in Indian farmlands?1. Setting up soil testing projects at village level.
2. Direct transfer of urea subsidies to beneficiaries bank.
3. Mandatory neem coated urea production.
4. Ceiling on subsidies for nitrogenous fertilizers.
Recently Code on Wages was introduced by the Government of India to adress issues on low wages and minimum wages. Consider the following statements with respect to Code on Wages and choose the correct statement (s).1. As per concurrent list, floor wage could be decided by both central and state government as are minimum wages.
2. According to the code, minimum wages will be adjusted to inflation so as to align wages to market volatility.
Which among the following code consolidates the following existing acts 1. Factories Act, 1948 2. Mines Act, 1952 3. Contract Labour Act, 19701. Factories Act, 1948
2. Mines Act, 1952
3. Contract Labour Act, 1970
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Special Economic Zone(SEZ).1. Board for Approval for applicant in SEZ will be constituted by central government but proposal to BOA could only be submitted through state government.
2. Units in SEZ have duty free domestic procurement of goods for developing units but imports for the same are not exempted from duty.
Which among the following project by Government of India aims at port modernisation, port connectivity enhancement and port linked industrialisation by developing Coastal Economic Zones?

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