December 16 – ART & CULTURE

Welcome to your December 16 - ART & CULTURE

Consider the following statements on Harappan Civilisation.1. It was the major civilisation of iron age.
2. It flourished in the basins of River Ghaggar.
3. Lost Wax Technique was practiced for sculpturing.
From the time of Buddha , stupas were built to commemorate ideologies of Buddha. Which among the following places have stupas built over the relics of Buddha?1. Rajagraha
2. Vaishali
3. Kapilavastu
Consider the following statements on earliest architectural styles and choose the correct statement (s).1. The Gandhara Style of architecture is considered to be totally indigenous whereas Mathura Style was influenced by Hellenistic Style.
2. Gandhara art patronised by Kushana dynasty was influenced by Jainism and Buddhism where as Mathura art were only influenced by Buddhism.
Which among the following is highly interpretive art form with characters divided into Satvika, Rajasika and Tamasika type. The textual sanction for the artform is derived from Balarama, Bharatam and Hastalakshana Deepika.
Choose the correct pair(s).Theatre.                Place
1. Bhand Pather    Kashmir
2. Bhavai                Gujarat
3. Maach                Madhya Pradesh

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