Welcome to your December 15 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

Which among the following description properly explains the term 'habitat'?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Ecological pyramid of numbers will be always upright whereas pyramid of biomass can assume various shapes.
2. Estimation of ecological pyramid of biomass in land ecosystem is by measuring dry weight of each trophic level whereas in marine ecosystem it is estimated by measuring wet weights.
You are doing a project on topic 'Critically Endangered Species in India'. Which among the following species will make it into your project.?1. Asian Elephant
2. Urial
3. The Great Indian Bustard
4. Indian Aurochs
Consider the following statements on Kyoto Protocol.1. The Carbon Credit System was ratified in conjunction with Kyoto Protocol.
2. USA never ratified Kyoto Protocol whereas Russia and Japan pulled out of Dohan Amendment to the protocol.
3. The emission target gases of protocol includes carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and CFCs whereas methane is excluded.
Choose the correct statement (s).
Consider yourself to be a polar bear. Which among the following adaptive feature you will adopt to maintain homeostasis in order to survive extreme temperatures of polar winter.

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