Welcome to your December 12 - ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

You were taking a trip through silent valley National park. Suddenly you came across a dusky grey spotted four legged creature with two obliquely transverse lines on its neck. It had a large tail with ringed dark bands. Which among the following species have you spotted?
As a part of environmental friendly farming practice you are planning to adopt Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) into your farmland. Which among the following methods can be adopted as a part of IPM?1. Use of pyrethrum as insecticide.
2. Introduction of Bacillus thuringenesis gene into crop.
3. Use of predatory mites.
4. Introduction of rotenone for pest management.
Biochar is associated with
Which among the following nutrients are considered to be as macronutrients which plays a vital role in plant growth and development.?1. Iron
2. Nitrogen
3. Sulphur
4. Zinc
Recently Government of India launched National Mission on Seabuckthorn under Green India Mission. Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement (s).1. Also known as Ladakh Gold, it can grow well in high altitude and low temperature.
2. A rich source of biodiesel, its timber is of high commercial value.
3. It is a natural nitrogen fixer which also helps in preventing desertification.

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