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Select the correct pair(s)
  1. Green turtle – Endangered
  2. Hawksbill turtle – Critically Endangered
  3. Loggerhead turtle – Critically Endangered
GIFT City, India's first operational smart city and international financial services centre is located in
Which of the following statements regarding Malayan Giant Squirrel are correct?1. It is considered to be a forest health indicator species.
2. It is endemic to Western Ghats.
A study commissioned by the US State Department has found that “directed” microwave radiation is the likely cause of illnesses among American diplomats in Cuba and China. Consider the following statements about Microwaves:1. Microwaves cannot pass through glass and plastic.
2. In a microwave beam directed at an angle into the sky, a small amount of the power will be randomly scattered as the beam passes through the troposphere.
3. Microwave transmission is affected by wave effects such as refraction, reflection, interference, and diffraction.
‘Gaj Yatra’ is associated with

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