December 10 – GEOGRAPHY

Welcome to your December 10 - GEOGRAPHY

Consider the following statements.1. Latitude is the angular distance of a place north and south of the equator, where as longitude is the angular distance of place east or west of prime meridian.
2. Latitude is measured in degrees whereas as longitude measured in metres.
3. Torrid Zone is bounded by Tropic of Cancer on north and Zero Meridian on south.
Choose the correct statement (s).
Which among the following minor ocean relief feature is an isolated underwater volcanic mountain with flat top having diameter exceeding ten kilometre?
If you are trying to enter Indian territory from Nepal through land which among the following state boundary is not directly accessible?
Choose the correct pair (s)1. Mac Mohan Line  - India-Pakistan
2. Radcliffe Line - India-China
3. Curzon Line - India-Bangladesh
4. Durand Line - India-Myanmar
Which among the following calamities you may experience if you are vacationing at Caspean Sea during the time of tectonic movements between North American Plate and Pacific Plate?1. Volcanic Eruption
2. Earthquake
3. Tsunami
4. Cyclone

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