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Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Pardoning Power of President in India.1. The President of India cannot exercise his Pardoning Power by article 72 when considering case of punishment given by court martial or military.
2. A presidential pardon completely absolves the offender of all sentences and punishment.
3. Governor exercise pardoning Power but cannot pardon death sentences.
Which among the following district council have special powers to decide if a state legislation on subject matters should apply to their territories.?
A recent study revealed sustainable peatland management could prevent future pandemics. Consider the following statements on peatland.1. Peat is formed when plant material undergo partial decay in acidic and aerobic conditions.
2. Due to high carbon and moisture content no sustained wildfire could be observed in peatlands unlike forests.
Choose the correct statement (s).
Which among the following unit of Indian Defence nicknamed as Magarmach is also known for its motto ' The Few The Fearless'?
Which among the following reasons could be cited behind increased cyclonic activity in Bay of Bengal when compared to Arabian Sea?1. Constant inflow of fresh water from Ganga and Brahmaputra into Bay of Bengal.
2. Increased precipitation in Bay of Bengal.
3. Warmer ocean temperature in Bay of Bengal.

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