December 08 – AGRICULTURE

Welcome to your December 08 - AGRICULTURE

Rice is considered to be the staple food in southern and western states of India. Consider the following statements on rice.1. Transplantation method of farming have less yield compared to broadcasting method.
2. Ideally rice is a kharif crop but with reduced irrigation and soil moisture it could be grown as a rabi crop.
3. Polished Basmati rice is much richer in calcium and vitamin compared to its unpolished counterpart.
Choose the correct statement (s).
Consider the following statements with respect to tobacco varieties in India.1.  Ninety percent of tobacco production in India consists of Nicotiana Rustica species whereas Nicotiana tobaccum consists of only 5 per cent of total production.
2. N. tobaccum requires a tropical hot climate where as N. rustica grows ideally in cool climate.
Choose the correct statement (s)
It is a tropical largely rainfed kharif crop. It grows well in well drained sandy loam and black cotton soil. India is the second largest producer of the crop and it is often used as a rotation crop because of its nitrogen fixing ability.The above passage refers to which among the following crops.?
Trailing China India is considered to be the largest producer of tea in the world. Which among the following region in India is not well suited for tea cultivation?
Choose the correct pairs with respect to duration of crops/life of crops.1. Biennial Crop - Sugarcane 2. Perennial Crop - Mango 3. Annual Crop - Turmeric 4. Two Seasonal Crop - Cotton

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