Welcome to your December 05 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Who among the following said these words?"If there is a sin in the world, it is weakness; avoid all weakness, weakness is a sin, weakness is death".
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?1. Dev Samaj - Radhakant Deb
2. SNDP Movement - K. Kelappan
3. Radhaswami Movement - Tulsi Ram
Who propounded "The policy of proud reserve" which was aimed at having scientific frontiers with respect to foreign policy?
Who among the following has never presided any of the Indian National Congress Annual Sessions?1. George Yule
2. Syed Mohammed
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Sarojini Naidu
5.Madan Mohan Malviya
Consider the following statements about the revolutionary activities and the agents during the 1920s and choose the correct statement(s).1. The sudden withdrawal of the Quit India movement created disillusionment among the revolutionaries.
2. The famous statement of the revolutionary position is given in the book 'The Philosophy of Bomb' written by Rajguru.
3. The revolutionaries were untouched by international ideological currents.

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