Welcome to your December 03 - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

Recently India had stand-off with PLA in Aksai Chin region in northern border of India. Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement (s).1. According to McDonald's Line, Aksai Chin belongs to Jammu and Kashmir whereas Johnson's Line places it under China's control.
2. Sir Creek located in Karakoram Heights are considered to be a part of Gilgit Balistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
Choose the correct statement (s) with respect to Treaty of Sagauli.1. The treaty was signed following Anglo-Nepalese war by East India Company and Raj Guru Gajaraj Mishra.
2. Sikkim, Kumaon and Garhwal was added to Indian territory following Treaty of Sagauli.
3. According to the treaty, River Salween is considered to be the international border between India and Nepal.
Which among the following member countries of SAARC are also a member in ASEAN?
1. India
2. Bhutan
3. Malaysia
4. Nepal
SCOJtEx, a project aimed to rehearse diasaster response mechanism in the event of an earthquake was recently hosted by National Disaster Response Team. Which among the following organisation was part of this exercise.?
Prime Minister of which among the following country coined the acronym '3p plus' referring to 'cooperation for people, prosperity and peace' to boost bilateral ties with India?

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