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Recently drug resistance to malaria was reported by WHO. Consider the following statements on drug resistance.1. Drugs causing inhibition of horizontal gene transfer can prevent drug resistance.
2. Bacteria are the only species of organism which can evolve resistance to drugs.
3. Widespread use of broad spectrum anti biotics replacing narrow spectrum anti biotics could downregulate  drug resistance.

Choose the correct statement (s).
Recently Malabar Naval Exercise was conducted by Quad Countries. Which among the following Quad Countries are the memmbers of Five Eyes Alliance?
Gupkar Alliance is associated with.
Which among the following is a supercomputer established at C-DAC under National Supercomputing Mission that is a high performance computing-artificial intelligence supercomputer?
Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement (s)1. Mangroves represents littoral forest ecosystem, which are confined to tropical and sub tropical regions.
2. Multiple types of roots namely stilt, prop and air roots are part of mangrove vegetation.
3. Pichavaram Mangroves home to Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are the largest mangrove forest in the world.

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