Welcome to your April 9 - POLITY AND CONSTITUTION

Choose the correct pair(s) with respect to Indian constitution.1. Article 17 - Abolition of Untouchability
2. Article 50 - Fundamental Duties
3. Article 44 - Equality before Law
The President of India can act on his discretion under which among the following situations?1. Appointment of Prime Minister when no party has clear majority in Lok Sabha.
2. Dissolution of Lok Sabha if council of ministers has lost its majority.
3. Dismissal of council of ministers when it cannot prove the confidence of the Lok Sabha.
Distribution of powers between Centre and States in Indian Constitution is based on
Choose the correct statement(s).1. The amendments which do not come under article 368 could be amended by simple majority in parliament.
2. The amendment seeking to make any change in any provisions mentioned in the provisions of article 368 must have special majority in parliament and must be ratified by half of the total states.
Which among the following 'Writs' is not specifically provided in the Indian Constitution?

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