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Recently, India signed defence agreement with Maldives to boost maritime capability. Both India and Maldives are members of1. SAARC
Ministry of Corporate Affairs brought in Companies Amendment Rules. According to the latest amendments, which among the following activities are excluded from CSR activities?1. Pursuance of normal course of businesses in case of a company engaged in research and development of new vaccine.
2. Activities benefitting employees of a company.
3. Activities undertaken outside India.
Recently Ministry of Environment and Forests released action plan to conserve three species.1. Eretmochelys Imbricata
  2. Lepidochelys Olivacea
  3. Dermochelys Coriacea
The above mentioned names are species of
PSLV has been cornerstone of success for ISRO for the past few decades. PSLV can take payloads upto1. Low Earth Orbits
2. Geostationary Orbits
3. Sun Synchronous Orbits
Caracal is associated with

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