Welcome to your April 5 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

When you visit a temple you usually come across structures arising from the branches of a banyan tree suspended in air and finally fixed in soil. These structures are
Choose the correct statement(s) with respect to biosphere reserves.1. The transition zone is the innermost part of a biosphere reserve wherein all external human pressure is avoided
2. Limited recreation, grazing and fishing are permitted in zones surrounding a core zone of biosphere reserve.
1. At least 1500 species of endemic vascular plants. 2. Have lost at least 70% of its original habitat.Which among the following places meet the above criteria?
1. Western Ghats
2. Madagascar
3. Sundarbans
The statements refers to1.It has a forest cover of 86% of its total geographical area.
  2. Serow is its state animal.
  3. It is located on same latitude which passes through Gujarat.
Choose the incorrect statement with respect to Zero tillage.

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