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Consider the following and choose the religious sect not associated with Buddhism.
Choose the correct statement(s) with respect to Gupta period.1. The Guptan rulers gave patronage  to Bhagavatism but they were tolerant to other religions.
2. Women had prominent role in Gupta society and chandalas were segragated from society.
3. Acceptance of Aryan pattern in Northern India wherein the master of house occupied higher status.
Choose the correct pair (s) with respect to major sites of Indus Valley Civilization.1. Harappa - River Indus
2. Mohenjodaro - River Ravi
3. Lothal - River Bhogva
The statements refers to ideas introduced by1. Disregarded 'Achala' theory of earth.
2. Stated the theory earth is round and rotates on its own axis.
3. Calculated the exact distance between earth and moon.
Mentioned in Sangam literature this port is designated to be as the first place where Christianity entered India. Located in the Malabar coast of India, this port was used for trade of spices with Greeks and Romans from 3rd century BC to 4th century AD.The above passage refers to

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