Welcome to your April 26 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Arrange the following in their correct chronological order.1. Kheda Movement
2. Civil Disobedience Movement
3. Khilafat Movement
4. Non Cooperation Movement
Evolution of local self-government in India can be attributed to emergence of which among the following Acts/Reforms?1. Ripon's resolution of 1882
2. Montagau Chelmsford Reforms
3. Article 246 of Indian Constitution
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Diarchy was introduced in India by the Indian Councils Act of 1909
2. The abolition of diarchy was a direct impact of Simon Commission Report.
3. The Simon Commission led to Government of India Act 1935.
Choose the incorrect statement with respect to guidelines regarding hoisting the national flag of India.
Which among the following rebellion(s) was/were marked with predominantly peasant participation?1. The Revolt of 1857
2. The Deccan Riots, 1875
3. The Santhal Rebellion, 1855

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